Short Notice Weddings

I have a few terms and conditions for short notice bookings as of August 2018. Just so I know things are getting serious, full package payment including any travel fees must be made immediately to secure the date and I can’t hold any date without payment!

Consultation wise, we can do this over the phone and organise payment via bank transfer to get things up and running quickly, call or email

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll be adding more to the FAQ page over the next few weeks. But as always if you have any questions, just ask away!

And you are more than welcome to book in a consultation and I can answer any questions in person.

Package pricing

To keep things fair and equal for everyone, I don’t offer discounts or have deals/specials throughout the year on my wedding packages. No matter where you book me through, the pricing will always be what you see on my website. I’ve given up counting how many times I’ve bought something, only for it to go on special a day later feel nothing but regret, so I can guarantee that’s not going to happen with any of my wedding packages. So don't miss out on booking your date waiting for a deal!

Now this makes life difficult for the budget conscious bargain hunters,but the alternative is to book a custom package with a fixed amount of photos, that compromise will bring the price down if that’s what you need.

For winter weddings in June and July, I have a range of packages available on request.

All package pricing is subject to change throughout the year.


I cannot secure a date without the booking fee paid (this is not an additional cost, it is part of the total package cost).

If I have your date available, I’ll need you to pay the booking fee as soon as possible as competition for dates can be quite fierce! Multiple requests for dates are far too common now and bookings are made on a first come, first served basis, so you will need to act quickly to secure a date!

With booking fee payment, you do have a 30-day cooling off period (not available for short notice weddings) starting from the day you pay the booking fee, it’s just added peace of mind for when things may still be in the planning stages.

Before I go any further…

Now this might sound odd but I’m a photographer, not a wedding planner or director on your day. I charge extra for that ;)

You are in control of the day which includes planning and conducting the wedding on the day and that job lies with you or the person you elect to do so. I’m really just there to take photos (why I became a photographer in the first place) and this is part of my documentary style, so please bear this in mind.

However, if you need help or advice while planning things, don’t be afraid to ask. I can offer a few suggestions and pointers as I’ve been to a few of these things now :P

Consultations — Optional email consultation coming soon.

All wedding consultations are held in the Lake Wendouree area. We can go over all of the details for your wedding, I’ll explain how I work on the day and give you some pointers for getting the best result out of our time together.

A small couples session (5 photos) is offered at the time of the consultation if you feel the need to get comfortable with the camera in advance or get some practice in posing (which you will be doing before your wedding anyway).

There is an additional fee starting from $350 if you require a face to face consultation outside of the Ballarat area within 100km’s by road, though I’d recommend a phone or email consultation well before considering this option!


All weddings are prepaid in advance of the date to secure photography and your requested package on the day, unfortunately without full payment in advance, I can’t go ahead with your wedding.

There’s plenty of time after booking to organise payment before your date, you can either pay in full at the time of booking or we can organise a payment plan over that time period before your wedding.

Production times

Once your wedding has been photographed, backup copies are created on the day and production starts on the following working week. It takes me approximately 6 weeks to produce a wedding, though I set a personal limit of 6 weeks that I do my absolute best not to exceed. The 6-week limit is only a guide, in certain circumstances it can take longer (during peak periods) and if you have a big wedding, I'll have more photos to edit!

The longest it has taken me to produce a wedding (from the wedding date to delivery) was 6 weeks and 6 days, this usually happens when we have Christmas, Easter and school/public holidays involved along with many other bookings.

Videography and videographers

I've had many requests, though unfortunately I don’t offer video for weddings. As much as I’d love to, there’s just too much energy and attention required for photography as it is!

If you are looking at booking a videographer, let me know as there’s a few bits of advice I can offer before you book one.